Free CPR Training for schools

CPR and Defibrillator training for schools

Teaching CPR in schools is crucial for preparing students to respond in emergencies. By incorporating free CPR training into the curriculum, students gain lifesaving skills, boosting community resilience and fostering a sense of responsibility. 

This practical education empowers individuals and creates a generation capable of making a positive impact during critical situations. 

In Norway, the statistics for survival are 25% if you have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. In the UK, they currently stand at between 8 and 10%, one of the main reasons being the lack of education for our youngsters.

school pupils training in CPR.

Community Lifesavers have been teaching Year 7 students throughout Thanet since January 2023. We have managed to bring awareness to 1523 youngsters so far. 

We believe that teaching young people makes a difference to the entire community. They will know what to do with confidence and capability in the event of a cardiac arrest, which can happen to anyone at any age, irrespective of the circumstance and the life-threatening event.

Teaching students how to do CPR step by step

Community lifesavers use various strands of teaching, using kinetic, auditory, verbal, and sensory methods.

The students sit through a short presentation followed by a demonstration by some of our volunteer team and then practice for themselves on our Bluetooth manikin. Providing an opportunity for them to see how well they perform using a linked App on an iPad. 

At the end of the lesson, we run a friendly challenge in which all students perform one minute of effective compressions, and those with the highest scores rewarded for their efforts.

The team of trained volunteers at Community Lifesavers find the experience of attending schools extremely rewarding and are proud to be teaching these lifesaving skills to another generation. Contact us today to book a free session for your school. 

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